Andrew Jones Pies & Pasties Selection

When it comes to tasty food, the King likes to mix it up a little. That's why we supply Andrew Jones award-winning pies, wraps and sausage rolls. Just like our sandwiches, these snacks are generously filled and locally sourced. Choose from their supreme selection:



The Pork Pie

The Pork Pie with Black Pudding

The Pork Pie with Chilli Jam


The Pork Pie with Yorkshire Blue Cheese

The Pork Pie with Cheese & Pickle

The Figit Pie with Apple & Stuffing

Barrington's Jerk Pork Pie

Sausage, Bacon & Cheese Wrap

The Large Sausage Roll

Cornish Pasty


Chicken & Ham Pie

Meat & Potato

Minced Beef & Onion

Chunky Chicken

Chicken Curry

Chunky Steak

Steak & Ale