We Love Sandwich Making

Our sandwiches are high in moral fibre, and that's the way we intend to keep it. With a huge range of over 130 sandwiches, wraps, sub rolls, ciabattas and hospitality platters, your customers can choose their favourite bread including wholemeal, oatmeal, malted, soft grain, white and double malted farmer's.

Each individual sandwich is hand-filled by one of the King's noble men to ensure every one is stuffed full of the finest ingredients. Most importantly, an ever-growing combination of delicious fillings means you can always accommodate every palate in the kingdom.

Introducing the Sandwich King Range...

The King’s men have been extremely busy in the palace kitchen, constantly coming up with fresh ideas to improve our ranges. But it’s not just our products that continually evolve – we’re excited to announce that we've recently updated our packaging to bring clarity to the ranges and help you find what you’re looking for.

We've refined our choice of products without losing any of the high standards or wide selection you love. Our ingredients and filling combinations offer the same quality, but all of our sandwiches are now presented in cardboard wedges and premium bags.